What Is Spiritual Direction?

Is something standing in your way of being the best person you can be?

Would you like to do something about it?

My job as a spiritual director is to listen for the spark of Divinity within you, highlight it, underscore it and bring it to the fore. I listen for your best wisdom.

One of the things that makes life worth living is the meaning we make out of life, the situations we are in, and the people we engage. I’m here to help you explore these meanings.

I do this by listening for the inner wisdom you reveal in the course of a conversation. I reflect this wisdom back to you so that you can hear it, claim it and find the meaning therein. I do this by being connected to Spirit and asking questions to elicit your wisdom. And I offer you various ways to explore it – like individually crafted meditations, exercises and ways of marking important life events.

As your meanings and wisdom are brought into the light, you can choose how to apply these insights in your life.

The name – spiritual direction – can be misleading. I am not directing you. YOU are directing you. I am simply assisting you to find that direction. I think this work is sacred, related to something bigger than myself – in short, spiritual.

Although I have a theology that employs being connected to a higher power, it is not necessary for you to believe in God to tap into your wisdom, meaning, and experiences in your life. You simply have to be willing to be open to new experiences and trust that you will know when you encounter the “right” meaning for you.

I believe that when we live out of a place of authenticity and integrity, life works better.

For me, authenticity is about feeling like I am fully myself when I engage with the world. I know I am in integrity – my words and actions are matching my beliefs – when I can look in the mirror without flinching.

I notice that when I am in touch with my authentic self and have integrity, I spend more time enjoying myself and less time worrying. I am more sure of my decisions. I have more capacity to be kind and more desire to support those around me. I am more curious and less judgemental.

I am not “thrown off” if things in my life shift; rather, I trust that it will be ok (and typically it is.) I connect the dots faster between meaning and action.

Like all good things in life — living out of authenticity and integrity requires
A great deal of work
Stubbornness and tenacity
And the realization that it is more about the journey than the destination.

Are you ready to begin?

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